Ready to Safely Lose 15-20 Pounds in 6 Weeks??

Forget what you've tried before - it's time to reset your metabolism once and for all. Now you can go beyond surviving and begin to thrive!

What Dr. Lovelle Can Do For YOU


If you're ready to be energetic, fit, empowered, and joyful, join our community and our FREE 20 Ways in 20 Days Program below.

I want 20 Ways in 20 Days!

Can 20 Days Change Your Life?

Let's find out!  When you're ready to be energetic, fit, empowered, and joyful, join our community and enjoy our free, 20 Ways in 20 Days email course.  Here are some of the titles you'll enjoy:

  • Sleep, Glorious Sleep
  • Want Baby Skin?  Baby It
  • Move, Don't Exercise!
  • A Simple Technique for Pain Relief




    Eat. Move. Live. Love.  Four simple words that - when embraced holistically - allow us to live the healthy, joyful, vibrant lives we’re meant to have.  

    Whether you’re exhausted because you’re taking care of everyone and everything else, frustrated that you can’t lose that stubborn last 15 pounds, or worried that your genes control your health, Dr. Lovelle and the Premiere Wellness team will help you gain the energy, lose the weight, and begin to thrive, not just survive.  

    For more about Dr. Lovelle and the Premiere Wellness team, click here.

    Featured PROGRAMS With Dr. Lovelle

    RenewMD Metabolic Reset

    Safely lose 15+ pounds over 6 weeks and keep it off when you reset your metabolism during this innovative program. &n...


    Paleo = The Good Life

    Enjoy 28 days of delicious meals, recipes, and motivation to give you the help you need to eat and feel your best.


    Entrepreneurial Wellness Coaching

    Smart, successful woman struggling with fatigue, weight gain, or autoimmunity? Personalized, one-on-one coaching is t...


    What Can Superfoods Do For You?

    Having boundless energy, increased productivity, and a better life can be as easy as changing what you eat for the next month!  This free mini-course can get you started!

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