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It's Time to Thrive!

Customized holistic wellness solutions for smart women and their families from a doctor who's been there.

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What if you had abundant energy?

Imagine if you could... 

  • Wake up full of fire and continue to thrive all day, every day
  • Experience the freedom of your body working for you instead of holding you back
  • Effortlessly reach and maintain your optimal weight
  • Tame the hormones that are keeping you fatigued and foggy
  • Have your mindset in alignment with your goals and dreams

 You can.

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Yes, I want abundant energy!

Why Customized Is So Much Better

Seeming miracles can happen when someone is focused and ready to make the lifestyle changes that are personalized for their version of optimal health.


You're the boss.  Whether it's of your small business, your family, or a multi-million dollar company, you're the one leading.  But recently, you're just surviving on caffeine and willpower.

When you want your life back….

When you want to feel strong again, sleep better, or lose weight….
It can be frustrating to find a real, lasting plan because how do you know the best solution for you?

At Premiere Wellness, we help you peel away the layers of confusion to discover your unique center of health. Focused on personalized care, we’re a comprehensive holistic wellness company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, serving clients globally.  Providing customized individual, group, and corporate wellness programs, workshops, and retreats, we support you so you can experience the long, healthy, and joyful life you want and deserve.  

The first step is your Power Wheel - a visual of just where you are, right now.  Know what's boosting you and what's draining you...in less than 5 minutes!

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How Long Do YOU Want To Live?

You work for a reason - to enjoy a long, happy life with those you love. Here are 3 simple changes you can make now to be sure that you do.


When you're ready to cut through the confusion of what's right for YOU, I'm ready to talk.

I Want To Live Longer!

Ready to Safely Lose 15-20 Pounds in 6 Weeks??

Forget what you've tried before - it's time to reset your metabolism once and for all. Now you can go beyond surviving and begin to thrive!



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Don't Know Where to Start?

Don't get stuck in analysis paralysis.  Use this Power Wheel tool to know exactly where you need to start your journey to your unique center of health.