You're a BOSS - Time to Live Like One

You're a BOSS Woman:  Bold, Optimistic, Strong, and Supportive.  

You're also the engine that runs your business and your life.  

And you used to run like a finely tuned Ferrari.

But now, instead of thriving, you're exhausted because you're taking care of everything and everyone else and neglecting your own care.

Or is it that you can't seem to lose that stubborn last 20 pounds?  

Maybe you're worried that your genes have doomed you to the same disEase as your parents like diabetes or thyroid problems?

Or is it that you're barely surviving on caffeine, wine, and willpower?

It's important to us at Premiere Wellness that the story of your individual health journey be heard, because that's the beginning of true healing.  

We listen.  We search for the root cause of your problem rather than treating symptoms.  That's the foundation of BOSS Women Wellness.

Loved by her plastic surgery patients for over 20 years, Dr. Susan and the Premiere Wellness team bring that same caring dedication to work with you to help you discover your signature path to better health and a fuller, more blessed life. 

Because you're unique, we'll start from wherever you are on the spectrum of wellness and help you reach your own physical, emotional, and mental heights.


What Makes BWW Different?

Cutting Edge Science

We use some of the most advanced testing methods to determine what's causing your disEase. From cellular metabolism to DNA analysis, we harness the power of science to serve you.

Ancient Wisdom

It's not always about the newest and greatest. Ayurveda, qigong, and meditation have survived and flourished for centuries because they, too bring true healing. This allows you to make sustainable, transformative changes in your mindset, relationships, and lifestyle.

We Co-create Your Health 

One of our biggest differences is that we aren't here to convince you that "our way is the only way." You came to your stage of disEase (we try to stay away from the labels of rote diagnoses) through a combination of your lifestyle, daily habits, movement, food choices, and genetics. Only through helping you make conscious, individualized changes in all of the above (yes, all!) will you come to true health.

You're Not Alone

Let's face it - it can be tough trying to make healthier choices, especially in the beginning. That's why we developed the BOSS Women Wellness Community - so that other heart-centered women on a journey similar to yours can connect and support each one another.

Design Your Own Wellness

Our job isn't done when you're feeling better. We know you want to stay that way so you can enjoy your life, family and friends, so we show you how to use the resources you have to maintain your new, unique standard of health.

BOSS Women Wellness Solutions

Take a look at how these personalized holistic solutions can work for you.


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3 Wellness Myths Debunked

Myth #1: "I've tried everything"

This is a comment we hear frequently from our new clients.  It's even how some of us on the team came to personalized holistic care ourselves.  The truth, though, is that when we begin searching for the root causes of a patient's symptoms through detailed history-taking, it becomes clear that there are several unturned stones.

Through customized functional medicine testing (which can include state of the art analysis of your DNA) and evaluation of lifestyle, spiritual, and emotional habits - many of which have never been investigated before - we can determine the causes of your  disEase, leading to true healing rather than just treating symptoms.   

Myth #2: "I can figure this out on my own"

This is the age of free information.  Whatever your question about your health, there's almost certainly an answer to be found on the internet.  The only difficulty is sorting through all of the information (some of which is obviously false) to figure out what is the best solution for you.  That's where Premiere Wellness and our access to personalized functional labs testing shines.

This specialized testing gives us insight as to what is going on in your body, information previously not available to you or your doctors.  Once we identify the unique root causes of your specific symptoms, we support you in making the nutritional and lifestyle changes that address them.  

Myth #3: "Functional medicine is expensive"

This misconception about functional medicine stems from our expectation that insurance will pay for all our health needs.  Not only is this increasingly untrue as deductibles and co-insurances rise, we have accepted a model where, rather than seek out the best provider, we settle for the ones "covered by insurance," sometimes at the expense of our own health.  

In actuality, functional medicine is the more cost-effective way of creating wellness, primarily because the emphasis is on healing rather than managing a disease or illness for months and often years without significant improvement.  

We're even beginning to see some insurance companies and healthcare systems incorporate the  functional medicine paradigm because they see not only the sustainable health benefits for their patients, but the long term financial benefit for everyone involved.

This is the distinction between cost and value.  


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