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Inflammation & Immunity

As inflammation increases, so do diabetes, obesity, cancer, and digestive issues.  And, important in this time, immunity decreases.  


Stress, Hormones, & Health

Stress is believed to be the cause of 75% of medical visits. Whether it's weight, whacky hormones, or low energy, there's hope!


Thyroid & Autoimmunity

What do fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, poor digestion, and mood swings have to do with your thyroid? Learn the secrets!


Healthy Gut, Happy Life

Bloating, poor digestion, irregular bowel habits or abdominal pain?  Finding the root cause could change your life.  Find out how!


Free Dinner Seminar Series

(Resuming soon)

Have you ever wondered why there is so much chronic disease in the US despite our spending more on "healthcare" than every other country?  It's time for a new approach to wellness - one where you are empowered to take back control of your life through gradual lifestyle changes so you can live the full and purposeful life you want and deserve.

Join Dr. Susan for an eye-opening presentation where you will:

  • Learn the true cause of belly fat, fatigue, and chronic conditions
  • Know how hormone imbalances are keeping you from a good night's sleep
  • Meet other like-minded people on the same path to wellness
  • Understand why calorie counting doesn't work for belly fat
  • Discover the biggest mistake people make with exercise
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