7 Days To A Healthier You


Stop the Madness

We're past the New Year when many of us made bold resolutions to improve our health.  Unfortunately, by February, statistics show that more than 60% have already given up on their goals.  Is this you?  

  • Frustrated that you're unable to resist the cookies and sugary goodies that are adding pounds and making you sluggish?
  • Poor sleep leaving you exhausted and affecting your mood?
  • Stressful activities and relationships limiting your productivity?



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Live This Year Right

Instead, what if you could wipe the slate clean?

  • Put an end to the madness and break the vicious cycle of cravings (enough with the sugar hangovers, right?)
  • Live 2020 feeling lean, clean, and invigorated
  • Get glowing, radiant skin, improved mental clarity, and a sense of calm and balance (as fun as that junk food may have been, it's notorious for causing mood swings and irritability)
  • Finally experience blissful sleep and abundant energy to take charge of your resolutions

Refresh!  7 Days to a Healthier You

This 7-day cleanse is designed for women who are tired of feeling tired and want to tackle their healthy eating and weight loss resolutions head-on, right from the start.

You can clean up your diet, lose the holiday sluggishness (and weight!) and feel vibrant, energized, and glowing in just 7 days.

Here's What You Get

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Getting Started Guide

A practical and educational guide that walks you through the basics of the cleansing process and answers any questions you may have about cleansing itself.

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Safe Cleansing Guide

A simple guide to navigate the cleansing process in a safe, enjoyable way.

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Program Manual

An easy-to-follow manual that lays out the step-by-step protocol of each cleansing stage: pre-cleanse, cleanse and re-entry. With printable pages and daily reminders, this is where all the components of your cleanse come together.

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The Cleansing Companion

A plethora of specific tools and practices you can incorporate on a daily basis to maximize the effectiveness and comfort of your cleanse

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Recipe Guide

A guide packed with over 100 delicious, detoxifying and nourishing recipes created by a whole-foods personal chef. These recipes were designed to accommodate even the beginning cook, so they are fast, simple and easy to recreate.

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Self-Assessment Worksheet

A handy way to track your weight, inches, primary health complaints and other important measurements for the cleanse.

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Curated Shopping List

Convenient lists of suggested foods that correspond to the recipe guide and program manual for a cleanse-friendly shopping experience, with options for both vegetarian and omnivorous meals.

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Food & Mood Journal

An insightful journal that allows you to track not only what you are eating but how you are feeling – physically, mentally and emotionally – as a result. This tool can be used during the program and beyond, developing and strengthening the recognition of connection between what you are eating and how you are feeling.


Ongoing Support

Two complimentary group coaching calls to introduce the program and for Q&A

Private FB page

Email support:  Easy access to Dr. Susan and the coaching team.

Hi, I'm Dr. Susan

Dr. Susan Lovelle

I'm passionate about helping smart, busy women (like you!) find their own unique paths to optimal wellness.


I'm a former professional ballerina, a plastic surgeon for 22 years, and a life-long health nut.  I have always been passionate about helping people heal and transform their bodies, minds, and spirits so that they can live the vibrant lives they want and deserve.                                               

I love the challenge of working with busy, successful women who are merely surviving on caffeine, wine, and willpower.  Those who diet and exercise but can't lose weight, who are exhausted but can't sleep, and are consumed by doing everything for everyone else...except themselves.

 Personally, though, finding lasting health has been a huge challenge for so many people in my life. I come from a family that is predisposed to medical weakness.  As part of this, I lost my parents at a relatively young age, due to emphysema and a pulmonary embolism they experienced within 5 months of each other. 

Years later, I watched my younger sister struggle with autoimmune issues, and I vowed then that I wouldn’t fail her as I felt I’d failed to help my parents. Even in my own life, I went from being a dancer with unhealthy eating habits, to an overweight professional, experiencing two pulmonary emboli myself – including one that almost killed me.

 It’s strange because professionally, during this time of unraveling family medical issues, I was spending decades building a successful career in traditional medicine as an award-winning plastic surgeon. I loved the work I did and the joy it often brought to my patients, like those who needed reconstruction after breast cancer.

But over time, I grew frustrated with only being able to affect the external side of a patient’s life, and not having the resources and role to help them transform their lives and health completely.

 Looking and hoping for more for myself, my family, and my career led me to the great gifts that access to personalized wellness medicine can give you.

I began building an expertise in that world and saw how traditional medicine can be so much more powerful when paired with holistic perspectives and resources. And by employing what I learned and personalizing my own care, I got better. And then I helped my sister get better.

And ultimately, I began to see the greater, more personal impact I could have on the lives of others than the work I had been doing as a surgeon.

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My unique 3-stage detox approach sets you up for success

Stage 1: Pre-Cleanse (2 days)

The purpose of the 2-day pre-cleanse is to prepare your body for cleansing. Properly doing this step decreases the severity of detoxification symptoms and eases your body into the program.

During the pre-cleanse, you will eat three full meals per day, plus snacks as needed, ideally chosen from the recipe guide. In this phase, we will begin cutting out sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol and reducing coffee.

 Stage 2: Cleanse (7 days)

During the cleanse, it is suggested you fully eliminate certain “avoid” foods and utilize the program’s cleansing tools for a deeper and more effective cleanse.

 Stage 3: Post-Cleanse (2 days)

In the Post-Cleanse stage, also known as the re-entry period, you will be transitioning out of the deeper cleansing protocol while preparing to maintain the healthy habits you have found to be successful for yourself during the cleanse.

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"I really have so much more energy now! I used to just want to sleep all the time."



Everything's Been Done For You

You’ll receive an array of support tools, including:

Access to the private Facebook Group forum, where I will be providing daily support for any questions you may have.

Step-by-step cleansing protocol and educational handouts as delineated in the Getting Started Guide, Program Manual, Safe Cleansing Guide and Cleansing Companion.

Complete Recipe Guide and a handy Shopping List to make meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking a breeze.

Daily support emails with handouts, action steps and practical tools for living a clean, vibrantly healthy life.

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Woman with twist out

"I was really worried at first, but I feel so much better that I don't miss sugar now."

Refresh!  7 Days to a Healthier You Cleanse

If you're ready to experience a gentle yet effective cleanse that will clear out the junk food sludge and have you feeling and looking lighter and more energized, Refresh! is for you.  




  • Getting Started Guide
  • Safe Cleansing Guide
  • Program Manual
  • Cleansing Companion
  • Recipe Guide
  • Curated Shopping List 
  • Food & Mood Journal
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Private FB Group
  • Email Support
  • BONUS:  2 Complimentary Group Coaching Calls
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