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Destination or Journey?

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2020

Destination or Journey? Which do you choose?

Beautiful ocean, sandy beaches, warm sun, and luxurious suites...


Struggling, cramped up on an airplane, the kid behind you kicking your seat the whole way, then rushing through the airport, dragging your bags to get to your next connection?

Do you have to make the journey to get to the beach? Yes.

Is that what pulls you through, what motivates you?  No.  It’s the vision of your destination.  

You know that everything you’re going through to get there is necessary, but making the trip isn’t WHY you start the journey.  You start because you want to enjoy the beach or the mountains or wherever you’re going.

So when women tell me they want to lose 20 pounds or balance their hormones or get a better night’s sleep, that’s not what they really want. When men tell me they want to build muscle, that's not it either. 

That’s the journey…that’s the bumper to bumper traffic and the blaring horns on the highway.

Because changing what you eat or taking supplements or moving more throughout your day isn’t always the most fun.  Now you can make that journey more pleasant - take a different route, carry your favorite pillow, etc. - but it’s still the journey, not the destination.  And in the same way, our clients enjoy customized solutions that make it an easier journey.


The true destination for our practice members, what they really want is to feel strong, powerful, and in balance mentally, emotionally, and physically.  

They want to feel confident and strong and sexy and completely forget what it feels like to be anxious or stressed.  Just like you.

Do you see the difference between your journey and your destination?

Now that we’ve gotten it straight that we’re really working to get to our destination, we have to look at the other end of the equation.   You can’t just teleport yourself to your destination either.  You have to make the journey to get where you want to go.

And you need to know both where you’re starting from and where you want to end up if you want to get there.  Because if you just take off down the road with no destination in mind and no plan as to how to get there, believe me, it’s unlikely you’re going to get there in a reasonable amount of time.

Because let’s be honest - you could set out without knowing your route and just wander around for hours and hours until you got somewhere.  But does that make sense?  No, and that’s why many of us now plug a destination into our phones and get directions that we follow.  

Are there different routes to get to your favorite spot?  Of course, and you may prefer one route over another.  But they all have the same final destination and you know that if you continue to follow the directions and don’t give up, you’re going to get where you want.

Same thing with feeling strong and powerful and in balance.  There are many different routes to get there…as many different routes as there are people.  

But the main thing is that if you know where you’re starting and you know your destination, and you keep on the path and don’t give up…you’re going to reach your destination.  You’re going to have the energy, and lose the weight, and have a strong libido - because that’s part of the journey to your destination of feeling strong, powerful, confident, and in balance.  

Where do you want to go?



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