Dear Scale -

body composition dieting Jun 19, 2017

They tell you not to step on the scale. So what do I do every morning? Step on the scale. You see, when I’m dieting, which I define as eating below my recommended daily caloric intake, I’m only here for the results. I’m trying to make the numbers go down. If the numbers do not go down, I unleash the fury of one thousand suns unto the first person who asks me about my diet. 

I’ve seen the waves of body-positive movements with un-touched models, and yoga practitioners who are “a little bit bigger.” However, none of those messages  persuaded me to embrace the pudge that hangs over my jeans, or the 0.2lb gain on the scale. That sinking feeling of despair, anger, and a few other emotions quite difficult to put a finger on would send me running into the arms of my true love, chicken nuggets. 

After I gorged myself on nuggets from all the top eateries in town, it was time for ice cream. After the pangs of regret and lactose...

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