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To PT or Not to PT

exercise fat loss Jan 23, 2017

I joined a gym. As an addition to my new membership, the gym gives you 4 free personal training sessions. To be honest, I was always slightly skeptical whether or not a personal trainer was necessary for me to see the results I wanted. Truth be told, there is a plethora of “certified” personal trainers who’s certification consists of a few online training courses and print at home certificate. However, this does not mean that all personal trainers fall under this category. If you’re looking to begin a new healthier path or hoping to slim down for a reunion or whatever the case may be, I want to weigh in on the benefits a personal trainer can provide to that journey.

Before you agree to spend hundreds of dollars a month on personal training, I want to outline a few non-negotiable points: 

1. Your trainer should always respect you as well as their other client

This should be a no brainer, but some folks, athletes especially, have become far too accustomed...

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The Garden of Eating: Local Produce

fat loss healthy eating Sep 22, 2016

An apple is an apple. Whatever the season, an apple will always be an apple. However, an apple in the fall is crispier than an apple in the spring. Nature produces apples in autumn. The soil's nutrients, the temperature, and the rainfall come together to create the sweetest version of an apple.  

We consume fruits out of season year long. We slice melons when melons aren't supposed to be sliced. We zest oranges when oranges aren't supposed to be zested. We eat produce from parts of the world we've never seen, and is that always a good thing?  

For centuries, landscapes limited humans to the crops it could provide. After advances in fertilizers, genetic modifications, cold packing and freezing, we can ship "fresh" produce from Sao Paolo, Brazil to grocery stores in York, Maine. 

If you've traveled abroad, you know several rounds of vaccinations may be necessary to get in and out of the country without a sniffle. What about your food? How many steps does your foreign...

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