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Intermittent Fasting: A Powerful Tool For Your Health?

eat elite healthy eating Jan 20, 2020

Intermittent fasting (IF) has been trending for quite some time now. Is it simply hype or is there science to back up the grandiose claims of weight loss and improved overall health? 

Before we get into the details of intermittent fasting, it’s important to lay the foundation: no fasting or weight-loss program in the short term can undo the effects of a poor diet. 

Meaning, intermittent fasting (as you’ll soon see) can be a powerful tool for your overall health, but a nutrient-dense diet of whole foods will always reign supreme. The most effective way to boost your long-term health is to maintain a high-quality diet while staying hydrated and moving your body. 

With that being said…let’s get into it. 

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Simply put, intermittent fasting happens when an individual goes extended periods with little or no food intake. There are varying degrees to which one can practice intermittent fasting, but ultimately they fall...

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What Does Healthy Eating Even Mean???

"A Paleo lifestyle can save your life."

                                              "Red meat will give you heart disease."

"A plant-based diet will help you live longer."

                                             "A vegan diet lacks vital nutrients."

"Whole grains are wholesome."

                                            "Eating wheat leads to bloating and inflammation."

If you follow any health related series, you're going to come up against at least some of this vastly conflicting nutritional advice -  all of which claims to be backed up by science!  That can't all be right, you think.

And you'd be right.

Consider the Bias


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The Clean Fifteen

healthy eating Mar 10, 2017

As promised, here are the top 15 fruits and vegetables with the least amount of contamination from pesticides.  If it's difficult for you to find organic produce, or if it's straining your grocery tab to buy everything organic, these are the ones that you should worry least about.  Keep in mind that this list gets updated yearly, and although there usually aren't major changes, some produce does move around and even off the list.   Also know that some sweet corn, papayas, and summer squash sold in the United States are from genetically modified seeds.   

In case you missed the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables, check out the Dirty Dozen.

Information courtesy of The Environmental Working Group at www.ewg.org

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The Dirty Dozen - Produce, That Is

healthy eating Mar 05, 2017

Let's face it, in most markets, organic fruits and vegetables cost more than those that aren't.  If you've done any reading about eating healthy food sourced close to home to get the most nutrition, the question of eating organic produce has definitely come up.  

I'm not sure about you, but I've always wondered if I had to choose, which fruits and vegetables would be best to eat organic. Well, look below for the answers.  We've found that once you see those pictures, they'll stick in your mind when you go shopping.  

Next time, we'll give you the Clean Fifteen, the 15 cleanest fruits and veggies.  These are the ones you shouldn't worry about if you can't find organic varieties at a reasonable price.  


Information courtesy of The Environmental Working Group at www.ewg.org.

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Battle Of The Bulge: Diet Versus Exercise

exercise healthy eating Jan 02, 2017

Flip through the channels late at night and you’re bound to come across paid-programming. You may see commercials for super sharp knives, fine jewelry, or some invincible maintenance spray. However, you will most certainly see advertisements for droves of weight loss programs. Some highlight fancy exercise equipment, while others suggest your body and 30 minutes is all you need, but the message is all the same, “Do this program. Lose your body fat.”

Let’s be honest, is 30 more minutes of exercise a week all you really need to have the body of your dreams? Picture the average American. According to the CDC, the average American male is overweight and heading toward obesity. Now, let’s put him on a deserted island. He’s got an endless supply of water with a limited amount of food. If we leave him on this island for one month, what do you think he’ll look like when we rescue him? He’ll probably be a bit dirty, smelly, and have a scraggly...

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Holiday Survival Guide Series: An Overview

healthy eating Nov 17, 2016

This article marks the first article in our "Holiday Survival Guide Series." We're digging deep into the trenches to uncover what is so stressful about the holiday season, and how to overcome it. 

Here's a list of FIVE habits that can kill your holiday bliss: 

1. Big Meals and Binge Eating
Yes, that crispy apple pie tastes as succulent as it looks.... so does the ham, the mashed potatoes, the baked chicken, the cranberry sauce, the mac & cheese, the dinner rolls, and the sparkling cider. We know you've spent hours churning up a feast in the kitchen and rightfully deserve to splurge, but from a digestive perspective, unless you're an Olympic swimmer, your body isn't trained to eat 4,000 calories in one sitting. 

The stress your digestive system undertakes may take days to clean out. If you're anything like me, you'll stretch your leftovers weeks after a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Leftovers aren't inherently horrible unless your body isn't used to digesting heavy...

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The Garden of Eating: Local Produce

fat loss healthy eating Sep 22, 2016

An apple is an apple. Whatever the season, an apple will always be an apple. However, an apple in the fall is crispier than an apple in the spring. Nature produces apples in autumn. The soil's nutrients, the temperature, and the rainfall come together to create the sweetest version of an apple.  

We consume fruits out of season year long. We slice melons when melons aren't supposed to be sliced. We zest oranges when oranges aren't supposed to be zested. We eat produce from parts of the world we've never seen, and is that always a good thing?  

For centuries, landscapes limited humans to the crops it could provide. After advances in fertilizers, genetic modifications, cold packing and freezing, we can ship "fresh" produce from Sao Paolo, Brazil to grocery stores in York, Maine. 

If you've traveled abroad, you know several rounds of vaccinations may be necessary to get in and out of the country without a sniffle. What about your food? How many steps does your foreign...

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The Glazed Donut

There it is, sitting where the light hits it perfectly. It’s glistening gooey glaze slides down onto the plate. The succulent circumference of doughy goodness there to tempt you days into your new diet. What the heck, man?!? This isn’t fair! Your lunch is composed of a half cup of broccoli, baked chicken thighs, and mashed sweet potatoes. All of which you have forgotten about due to the glazed doughnut. 

Humans are visual creatures. The eyes allow us to process our environment and tell our brains what’s good or what’s bad. Unfortunately, “good" and “bad” may be overshadowed by the fact that sugar has the ability to hijack our dopamine responses to make us believe it is good because it “feels” good. So we find ourselves at an impasse: feel good now or feel good later? 

If you’ve just started a new diet plan or lifestyle change, you may find that the first few week are dreadful. It might seem like there are...

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