Bringing Up A Healthier Generation

healthy lifestyle Feb 02, 2019


Picture this: a busy working mom, a harried dad in the office, and a hungry kid craving for mac and cheese. The easiest choice would of course be, sadly, instant mac and cheese. Mashed potatoes? Canned chicken noodle soup? Almost everything is available in an instant. Child bored at home? A smartphone, the latest games, and WiFi would be the easiest solution.

Happy child, happy parents, right?

Let’s face it: The rise of technology and the digital age have brought so much convenience to humans - and along with them, a number of negative health habits. Food choices have become more “convenient” as almost every kind of edible stuff comes in packages and is labeled as “instant.” Add to that the fact that kids these days are more often seen holding gadgets and smartphones than actual toys or books, or running and playing with other kids outside.

It All Starts In the Home

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I remember one Saturday morning as I was watching...

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Love Yourself, But Don't Stay There

No matter the application, self-help books and gurus, wellness blogs, and common wisdom everywhere these days seem to be constantly repeating two main concepts over and over again—and at first glance, they seem completely contradictory.

Love yourself just the way you are.
Take steps to change and improve to live your best life. 

I hear your wheels turning. “Wait. What?”

 It sounds contradictory, I know, but these two concepts really do go hand in hand. Getting there is all about balance.

 On one hand, you have to love who you are this moment. On the other hand, you have to admit that where you are at this moment is not where you want to stay forever.

Tricky, right?  Yet, not so much. By admitting you could be better, you accept yourself and honestly acknowledge your situation. You begin your journey because you love yourself - not the other way around

To make a little more sense of this, picture someone you love. They could be a...

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