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Loving Your Skin: Yes, You Can!

When you look in the mirror each morning - before your makeup, no cheating! - can you honestly say your skin is glowing? During the day, if you happen to brush against your face or arms, do you enjoy how smooth and soft they are? Is the skin on your arms and legs well-hydrated, even without heavy-duty moisturizers?

If your skin is healthy and you can say yes to all, read no more. If you have room for improvement though, like most of us, here are some (mostly!) easy and fun-to-incorporate tips for recapturing the glowing skin of your childhood.

Determine Your Skin Type

You’ve probably got a good idea already what type skin you have, but be aware that it may be different in different areas (face vs legs, for instance) and different seasons such as winter vs summer. This part is pretty simple: Is the area of concern too dry/scaly, oily/blemish-prone, or variable?  

Excess? Get More of the Opposite

Now that you know what your skin type is, let’s figure out how to get it...

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