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Junk Food: An Unrequited Love Story

You may know that I recently completed a 12-week body transformation challenge. If you didn’t, now you do. I counted calories, steps, and minutes of high-intensity cardio too. Although the goal was to transform my body, I didn’t realize what else I would transform. Apparently, you can change your taste palette in 12 weeks. I did not know that until this past week. 

At this very moment, there’re about 2 ½ Popeye’s chicken tenders, a handful of fries, and a gulp or two of lemonade gurgling around in my stomach. Even though I paid $11.05 to reward myself with the crispy, juicy chicken tenders and perfectly spiced fries, I had a hard time finishing ½ of my deluxe combo box. Here’s how the story goes:  

Chicken Tender Love

I wanted chicken nuggets. I deserved chicken nuggets -  especially after the 12 weeks of semi-torture - and I thought the first bite of sweet nuggets would send me over the moon into a wondrous land of...

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