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The Critical, Yet Overlooked Nutrient

eating well living wisely Mar 24, 2018
What nutrient is critical to our bodies, yet relatively easy to make if we're in the right place for the right amount of time?  Is called a vitamin but acts more like a hormone?  Is associated with an increased risk of colon cancer when low and reduced breast cancer risk when optimal?  Can relieve fatigue as well as joint and muscle pain when low levels are supplemented?
If you guessed Vitamin D, you're right!

Vitamin D is Critical, Yet Overlooked 

 Vitamin D is involved in all of the above and many more actions in the body.  Many of us know about its importance in bone growth (rickets!) because of milk commercials, but  just look at some other signs you may not have realized were related to Vitamin D deficiency:  
  • Decreased adrenal function
  • Decreased immunity - the "I catch everything going around" person
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Poor wound healing
  • Increased allergies and systemic inflammation
  • Increased risk of high...
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Pressing Restart

A week or so into the New Year - perhaps you, as many others, have made resolutions, despite the fact that over 50% of people will abandon them by February. As an example, consistent gym rats tend to avoid the gym during peak hours for these first few weeks as machines, classes, and pools are flooded with those who have made exercise resolutions. They know that by March, the wannabes will have weeded themselves out and the gym will be back to normal.

Instead of making sweeping, global changes that are unrealistic, let’s look at four aspects of our lives that make the biggest difference in our health, appearance, and happiness. Small, consistent changes in any of these will help us move closer to the optimal version of ourselves that causes us to make resolutions in the first place: What we eat, how we move, what we do day to day, and how we grow spiritually.

In simple terms, Eat Well, Move More, Live Wisely, and Love Divinely.

Before I go into any detail, I want to say that...

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