Discipline: The Master Key to Success

discipline mindset Jun 26, 2017

Do you believe that you can do anything you put your mind to? 

For most people - including myself for a good portion of my life -  the answer is NO.

The answer may have been “Yes!” when we were children, but something strange happened. Whether we settled into the confines of society, or “the real world” got hold of us, most of us stopped believing we could do anything. 

When we look at people who’ve “made it” there’s something similar between their stories. You’ll find discipline, consistency, and perseverance. None of those traits are inherently bestowed upon you at birth, so how do you develop them? 

Discipline is the Master Key To Success 

For myself, I’ve found discipline to be the all-encompassing master key to my success. Discipline is defined as many things, but for me, it is self-control. Am I able to have full control of my actions, decisions, mind, body, and spirit?


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