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Is There Really an Obesity Crisis?

Fat shaming, self-love, obesity crisis, body confidence. Go online, and you will come across viral articles from any one of these polarizing camps: online commenters criticizing someone’s body image, groups of women and men who pride themselves on loving their curves, adamant health nuts pushing their exercise and detox programs, and everything in between. So how do we separate what is fact from fiction? First, we will look at the facts.

 Obesity is Rising in the U.S.

One out of every three adults is obese in the United States. The number is now around 1 out of every six for adolescents. Obesity is not to be confused with being overweight. Being “overweight” is often harder to define with weight calculators like body mass index (BMI) unable to take into account you body composition percentage (i.e. the percent of fat versus muscle and bone).  A BMI between 25-29.9 is considered overweight by the CDC. Many athletes, with their higher density of muscle, may...

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The Glazed Donut

There it is, sitting where the light hits it perfectly. It’s glistening gooey glaze slides down onto the plate. The succulent circumference of doughy goodness there to tempt you days into your new diet. What the heck, man?!? This isn’t fair! Your lunch is composed of a half cup of broccoli, baked chicken thighs, and mashed sweet potatoes. All of which you have forgotten about due to the glazed doughnut. 

Humans are visual creatures. The eyes allow us to process our environment and tell our brains what’s good or what’s bad. Unfortunately, “good" and “bad” may be overshadowed by the fact that sugar has the ability to hijack our dopamine responses to make us believe it is good because it “feels” good. So we find ourselves at an impasse: feel good now or feel good later? 

If you’ve just started a new diet plan or lifestyle change, you may find that the first few week are dreadful. It might seem like there are...

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