Boss Women Renewed! 

You're a BOSS - isn't it time to start treating yourself like one?

What would it do for your business to have the energy you need to thrive both personally and professionally? And with a customized plan designed to get you there?

How much more could you accomplish by the end of the year?

And what if you could do it over one weekend?

Join Dr. Susan for an extraordinary and transformative retreat November 8-10 in a luxurious private villa in Wake Forest, NC surrounded by nature.


Treat Yourself Right... Now!

Beauty 180 Retreat: Transformation Bootcamp

Join us for the 4th Annual Beauty 180 Event.... This year will be an ESCAPE experience..

We will have some powerful and tool-carrying, DYNAMIC EXPERTS, that will guide you in your "level up" journey towards greater! Self care is much more than we think. It's a whole journey, being good to yourself personally, professionally, and financially. It's about balance. It's about a RENEWED MINDSET.

Be transformed beginning with a renewed mindset, and welcome abundance and new things into your life!
Be REFILLED and REFORMED, while gaining valuable connections with other like-minded women.... AND self care services ALL DAY LONG with sessions led by our speakers/ experts. -- GUIDED MEDITATION, MASSAGE, AROMATHERAPY, and much more.

I invite you to begin the journey to discover your best self and then BEAT that!


I Want an Escape!

RenewMD: 6 Weeks, 20+ Pounds, Once and For All! 

How many times have you lost the same 10, 15, 20 pounds or more just to gain it right back? Or even worse, you struggle to lose and you don't?

During this interactive talk, you'll discover:

~Why you've struggled with weight loss in the past
~3 secret causes of resistant weight gain
~How to clear up all the confusion about what you should be eating
~Best of all - how to quickly, safely, and permanently release as much weight as you want

Dr. Susan Lovelle of Premiere Wellness and host, Chip Moseley of Total Motion Physical Therapy present a fun, interactive seminar with all the answers you need to drop a dress size or two or get back into those pants you wore 10 years ago.

Register through Eventbrite or call 919-872-2828

Join Us!

Shining Light Wellness Fest

Join Shining Light In Darkness, a local registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, for a relaxing afternoon and experience a wellness/spa retreat for you, your family and friends.

Featuring local health/wellness and service providers, including Dr. Susan. Learn about wellness trends, services and products.

Proceeds to benefit Shining Light In Darkness to support the under-served victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Want more?

Join our Facebook group. 

The BOSS Women Wellness group is a supportive, engaging group of women who are bosses in their own lives - whether it's a small business, at home, or a multi-million dollar corporation.  

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