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Dr. Susan Lovelle

Welcome to the site! Let me share a little about myself:

I'm a former professional ballerina, a plastic surgeon for 22 years, and a life-long health nut.  I have always been passionate about helping people heal and transform their bodies, minds, and spirits so that they can live the vibrant lives they want and deserve.                                                

I love the challenge of working with busy, successful women who are merely surviving on caffeine, wine, and willpower.  Those who diet and exercise but can't lose weight, who are exhausted but can't sleep, and are consumed by doing everything for everyone else...except themselves.  



Dancer To Doctor

My clients are often surprised to find out that I was a ballet dancer for many years, traveling the US, Europe, and the Caribbean.  They're curious about my transition from dancing to "doctoring" as well. What I often say is that I knew I wanted to be a physician when I was six years old, but that the opportunity to travel the world as a young adult was irresistible. And so I did.

When that career began to wind down, I refocused my energies on my first love - medicine. Once admitted to Columbia University in New York for medical school, I found that the discipline I had garnered from 17 years of dancing made the rigorous study necessary almost pale in comparison. I graduated as a member of the National Honor Society and received the Franklin C. McClean Award, presented to the top minority medical student in the nation.  

 The other aspect of dancing that transitioned well to medicine was its artistic nature. I'm sure that's one reason I initially felt drawn to Plastic Surgery as a specialty.

I worked as a plastic surgeon for over twenty years and loved almost every moment. I've performed surgery on the faces and bodies of thousands of people, helping them achieve their outward, aesthetic goals. It was just as exhilarating my last day in the operating room as it was my first, many years ago.

Why Holistic Wellness?

Recently, though, I realized that working only on the outside wasn't enough.  I needed to provide a more holistic approach for the women I was working with that would get them out of the overwhelm of conflicting advice to help them design, create, and live their own vibrant, joyful lives. This would be more than just - pardon the analogy - a facelift for their health.

It took combining the lessons I learned from one particular liposuction patient (who gained 50 pounds after his surgery!) with my own personal health challenges to understand and develop just what was needed - an integrated, personalized approach to wellness that went beyond the standard “eat less, exercise more, think positive thoughts” advice that pervades the internet.

What I am sharing is how to make gains in your physical, emotional, and spiritual lives because (and this is unusual for a former plastic surgeon to say) beauty is not just on the outside. When all of these aspects are in sync, then we can easily live joyful lives. 

Why do you want joy? Joy is more than being happy. It is a state of the mind, the heart, and the soul. It's a heady mix of hope and contentment, and yes, love when you look at the world around you. Joy remains with you whatever your external circumstances may be.

This is what I want for you.

 I'm looking forward to supporting you to look, feel, and be your best!


Susan Lovelle, MD, MACM



David Allen, CPT

Coach and Trainer

David Allen is a Certified Personal Trainer, former college baseball pitcher, second-degree black belt in karate and the creator of SNAX Life.  His love for health and fitness came after a health scare of his own while playing in a high school basketball game.  He developed an extremely rapid heart rate which sent him first to the emergency room and then to various physicians in an unsuccessful attempt to explain the incident. After he recovered from the supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), he researched the benefits of fitness and has been in love with the field ever since.

David began developing SNAX Life when he saw firsthand how quickly he became deconditioned after starting an office job.  Looking at those around him, he realized that there was a need for short, effective movement plans for office workers and others with limited time.     Thus was born the SNAX Life program, a fun, innovative program designed for people with busy schedules that can be done at work or home without spending long hours in the gym. 

 David is currently studying with The School of Applied Functional Medicine to become a certified health coach and continue the family line not only in fitness, but in health as well.


 Dr. Margaret A. Brunson is a leader and luminary who loves Zumba, considers brunch a verb, finds joy in boarding airplanes, and has never met a dance floor that couldn’t hold her!

She has spent the span of her professional career loving and leading in education, public health, specifically for mental health provider & nonprofit organizations, and an academic medical center. Her areas of focus for leadership practice include: management of public health programs that serve underserved populations, developing leadership capacity within organizations, engaging communities (people, organizations, systems) to address population health, and facilitating & directing relationships between organizations providing health care to underrepresented communities.

She earned a BA in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!), Master of Public Administration from North Carolina Central University (Eagle Pride Amplified!) and Ph.D. in leadership studies from North Carolina A&T State University (Aggie Pride!).

Dr. Brunson is the Founder & CEO of Illumined Leadership Solutions where she leads people to purpose through leadership and organizational development coaching & consulting and professional speaking. She is also one of the co- founders of I Am TryBe, a mindful wellness brand for “Humans, being.”

Her community leadership includes board chair for StandUp-SpeakOut of NC. membership in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and Southeast Raleigh Table, a campus of Edenton Street United Methodist Church.

Dr. Brunson is an inspirational speaker, writer and published author. In 2012, she published New Growth: How My Hair Saved My Life. She has shared her personal message and her research-based theory, Illumined LeadershipTM, across the U.S. and abroad, including Barcelona, Spain. In 2016, she was named 40 under 40 Outstanding Alumni of North Carolina Central University.

Margaret A. Brunson was born and raised in North Carolina to Rev. Dr. Jesse and Mrs. Doris Brunson. She has one brother, a sister-in-love, a niece and two nephews.